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R-1 Refunds

R-1.2 As used in this policy, “we,” “us,” “our” and “Black Passport Stamps” means the applicable Black Passport Stamps LLC Party, and “you” and “your” means the customer, buyer and/or consumer. “Vendor” means the applicable trip or event provider & host who have planned the trip or event and retain responsibility for all guest services, communication and bare majority of the financial responsibility, minus the initial deposit made during booking via

R-1.3 Not all products or services bookable or sold on Black Passport Stamps are subject to our refund policy. Pre-planned group trips and events are subject to our refund policy, while physical items, including, but not limited to, accessories, electronics and clothing, are not subject to our refund policy and contain their own refund and return policies, which can be found on the respective vendor’s store page or product offering page. 

R-1.4 If you book a trip or event through Black Passport Stamps and you decide to cancel within seven (7) full days from the moment that your order was made, you can request a refund by either contacting the vendor which you’ve booked the trip or event with or requesting a refund via your account dashboard. You are entitled to the refund, no questions asked. This applies to an order made, paying either the deposit only or a payment in full.

R-1.5 After seven (7) days: Cash refunds are not offered after seven days by Black Passport Stamps, except for the reason(s) stated in section R-1.6.

R-1.6 If you’ve made a deposit for a trip or event and the vendor makes a decision to cancel the trip or event for any reason, you will receive the deposit made via as a refund back to your original payment method (incl. taxes). 

In the extremely rare circumstance that communication with a vendor has ceased prior to the start of a trip or event and you are not able to continue with the trip or event for a lack of communication, Black Passport Stamps will provide you with store credit equal to the amount of your deposit and the store credit will become available immediately to book a different trip or event available on our website, or purchase any products offered. Please contact Black Passport Stamps customer support via email – [email protected].

R-1.7 After seven (7) days, customers are subject to the refund, return or transfer policy created by the respective vendor. Please contact the vendor via email or live chat, support ticket or email. Live chat is available by visiting their store page.

R-1.8 After forty-five (45) days: If you have made the initial deposit for a trip but have not made any additional payments to the vendor and would like to cancel your original trip and transfer the deposit credit to another available trip or event, you must contact the vendor to inform them of an intent to cancel and then contact us within 45 days of making your initial deposit to do so. If you haven’t contacted us to receive travel credit or transfer some or all of your deposit to a different trip within 45 days of making your initial deposit, you will not be able to do so after this point.

R-1.9 Spreadshirt: Refund requests for any apparel item purchased will have to be directly handled through Spreadshirt. Review Spreadshirt’s Exchanges and Refunds policy for more details on the refund and return processes and policies.

R-1.10 TourScanner: Refund requests for any activity or excursions booked through TourScanner will have to be directly handled through them. You can review TourScanner’s Terms for more details.

R-1.11 Gift Cards: Gift cards have no expiration date and can be used towards the purchase or booking of any product, trip or event that is available for checkout on Gift cards can not be used to purchase additional gift cards. Gift cards are non-refundable.

COVID-19: We understand the uncertainty about future travel because of COVID-19. If you have booked a trip or event that is not able to continue as planned, for any reason, the vendor hosting the trip or event will decide to either reschedule the trip, cancel the trip or event and provide credit to book one of their future trips, or cancel the trip and provide a refund. Ultimately, the decision is up to the vendor. In any situation, communication will be top notch and you will be informed promptly. If you have any questions, please contact the vendor directly via their store page or by other means.

Our company will change over time, and our Refund Policy will need to change over time as well. We reserve the right to change this Policy in our sole discretion. Purchasing a product or booking a service on Black Passport Stamps after a change constitutes your acceptance of the changes.  You are entitled to remit your patronage if you do not agree to the changes. 

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